What Google Maps Can Do For You

Google Maps has been around for a while, but too many people are unaware of the full extent of the services that the service can afford. Today, we are going to look at 10 things that you can do with Google Maps.

How to embed Google maps

Embedding Google Maps into your website is one of the best things that you could possibly do for numerous reasons.

Why Use Google Maps?

Pokemon Go and Google Maps


Even though its popularity has gone down quite a bit in areas where it was once popular, the Pokemon Go phenomenon is still going in other countries. If you are one of the millions of players still catching critters and putting them in tiny balls, here are two Pokemon Go related topics on Google Maps.

Pokemon Catching Timeline

The Google Maps Timeline feature is basically a means of keeping tabs on where you go on a daily basis. It’s a great way to organize your daily commutes to find the most efficient way to get anywhere or just to reflect on how much you have accomplished during the day. Now, it can also be a way to keep track of your activities in catching Pokemon.

In order to make use of this feature, however, you will need to activate your Timeline account. If you have not done this already, you will need to open Google Maps, click on the Menu icon, and click “Your timeline.” From there, it’s just a matter of following directions in setting up your account. Once you have, you can modify what activities are included during your day as you travel.

Pokemon Go And Google Maps1

Now, you’re done. There’s really not much to it except to give you a full account of what you have been doing during the day.

Finding Pokemon Through Google Maps

The Pokemon Go app already comes with its own map feature that pretty much mimics the setup of its real-world counterpart, so you should be ready to go once it is activate. However, if you want to know where Pokemons have been seen in the past, especially the really rare ones, you can turn to Google Maps to help you out

Many in the fairly active community of trainers have been nice enough to actually pin the locations where they have caught their own Pokemons and what type were caught where. You should know that this information is not always going to be accurate and just because you go to one of the places indicated, you are not guaranteed to find any Pokemon. Still, it’s better than wandering around, hoping to stumble into a good one by accident.

pokemon go google maps 2

As a final bit of trivia, there are reports that you can actually save on your smartphone’s battery when you download a Google Maps area and play in offline mode. However, this doesn’t really make much sense since you need internet connection for Pokemon Go to work.

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